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"Of roses, she bites off" 

Premiere: Aug. 2001

Duration: approx. 30 min


Choreography: Morgan Nardi

Dance: Kathrin Heide, Morgan Nardi

Visual art: Naoko Tanaka

Promoted by the Office for Culture of the state capital Düsseldorf

Received first place in the "Tendances 2002" competition in Luxembourg



12. Feb. 2004; Istituto della Cultura Italiana, Köln  

11. Jun. 2002; Festival Cour de Capucins, Luxembourg  

11. May 2002; ART Center, Wuppertal  

04. & 05. April 2002; Orangerie im Volksgarten, Köln  

21., 22. & 23. March 2002; tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf  

31. Aug. 02. 06.Sep. 2001; Ballhaus im Nordpark, Dösseldorf



Where is the reality? He strews roses at her feet and strikes her face, she pulls a pistol – however, all this belongs to the game. Easily outlined, discreet, cannot be grasped. Like figures in different films and plays they approach each other in animated shadows and small graphic scenes, drive their jokes with one another, organize small trials of strength. Nothing is clear, everything is secret – light as a feather, intelligent poetry on the topic"Realnesses".

(Gesa Pölert)

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