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"HausWesen" (HouseBeing)

from 2018 - 

Wood, Papier mache,Acrylic paint

"HausWesen" is a series based on houses I've lived in.

Some of these houses no longer exist today.


The house is a fundamental living space for us. Because we carry the image of our homes within us, we can root ourselves in a new corner of the world every day.
Gaston Bachelard once said that the house is one of the great powers of integration of human thoughts, memories and dreams. A house is a being that guards the intimacy of our interiors. 


I "knead" memories as if they were made of clay and give the being a form. I knead and knead my own memories - a mixture of past thoughts, feelings and fantasies.
As I do so, I begin to imagine that this mixture will grow far beyond my personal impressions and become a collective sense of "domesticity". 


Detached from any physical materiality, the house being floats in the air like a cradle.
Our most personal memories find a home here and let us visit them.

- Naoko Tanaka

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