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Schatten Trilogie - The Book
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For the first time, theshadow trilogycomprehensively documented, rearranged and rethought in the summarized installation performances "Die Spotlight", "Absolute brightness" and "Uninnerlicht".

Surreal-looking sketches and drawings complement the photo series from the performances. They provide insight into their social and aesthetic issues and into the process of creating the works. Reflections by the writer Yoko Tawada and the texts by the cultural scientists Hartmut Böhme, Gabriele Brandstetter and Adam Czirak invite you to engage with the shadow trilogy.The comprehensive publication shows that Naoko Tanaka not only has an impressive body of work as a scenic light and shadow choreographer, but also as a visual artist, the complexity of which provides many starting points for personal discoveries.

The book is a joint work by Naoko Tanaka, Astrid Hackel and Pierre Maite, in cooperation with PACT Zollverein Essen and Sophiensaele Berlin.


From the content:

Yoko Tawada: Girl Shadow City
Hartmut Böhme: The dynamization of the ephemeral 

Gabriele Brandstetter: fantasies of catastrophe. embodiment and kinaesthetics

Adam Czirak: The Shadows of Seeing

Naoko Tanaka in co-production with Sophiensaele, Berlin. June 2017

Publisher: Astrid Hackel 

Concept: Astrid Hackel, Pierre Maite, Naoko Tanaka

Design: Ça ira!

14.8cm x 21.0cm

304 pages 

80 colored illustrations

Open thread stitching

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