"ZONE"  - Audio/Visuell Performane in Snow


a site-specific Performance in Snow-Landscape, within the program of Echigo-Tsumari Winterfestival 2016, Japan.


Concept | Installation | Performance : Naoko Tanaka

Sound : Achim Mohné


Duration: 35 Min

Production: Naoko Tanaka

Coproduced by: Echigo Tsumari Winterfestival 2016 


Photo © 中村脩/Osamu Nakamura, Naoko Tanaka, Achim Mohné


In one night

At once

snow changes our landscape.

They fall on all, on beautiful things, on ugly things,

and we can see nothing else.

Snow swallows all sounds,

and we can´t hear anything more.

In such a silver night

a space can be open,

for unseen and unheard. 



A site specific performance capturing snow from visual and aurally point of view and exploring poetic images that snow embraces. Snow is a canvas to draw imaginary world where snow hits light, absorbs sound and be silent in shadow.

Niigata is a prefecture in Japan, which is known as snowy place.

During the residence in Echigo Tsumari / Niigata in summer 2015, I found there books,

which were published by the local community itself. The series "Yuki no Kokyo" (snowy home) was in

the 60s to 80s issued. This Books contain essays of residents as well as many letters from children to their fathers, who were on the trip as migrant workers all winter long. These essays, which were written during long winter, opened in me rich imagery.

© 2020 Naoko Tanaka