"the snowy home (Yuki no Kokyo)"


Installation @  “Reverie of Substance” : A winter exhibition at Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE, Niigata, JP

Snow is quiet. Snow doesn't move. These aspects of snow reminds me of a robust heart waiting for someone during the long winter. Memories absorbed into snow and frozen reappear as landscape of shadow and disappear again.


Niigata is a prefecture in Japan, which is known as snowy place.

During the residence in Echigo Tsumari / Niigata in summer 2015, I found there books, which were published by the local community itself. The series "Yuki no Kokyo" (snowy home) was in the 60s to 80s issued. This Books contain essays of residents as well as many letters from children to their fathers, who were on the trip as migrant workers all winter long. These essays, which were written during long winter, opened in me rich imagery.


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