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"Missing; (Fragment1: Trees)"

Animation-film (6min.)

created in the research project "Trees are leaving us - a documentary fantasy"

as part of #TakeHeartResidenz / Schaubude Berlin.

"VERMISST;" is a Project by Naoko Tanaka and Nataša Kramberger.

The trees tell a story of a world where they no longer exist. 
The idea was inspired by both working with charcoal as a material, and the process of forming coal. Carbon is a component of all living things, and is found in every organic compound. 
The dynamic nature of charcoal made me think about the circular relationship between human and non-human entities. Many ancient religions had a rite of balance, where something from nature was taken, then given back in a different way. What would a modern narrative reflecting on the relationship between humans and nature look like?

About the research project "Trees are leaving us - a documentary fantasy" 

Based on real events, hypothetical stories are developed. The starting material is a tree felling in Berlin Mitte documented by the artist herself. Her own method of expression "moving drawing" is tested with charcoal. It examines how an object transforms into a unity of subject and artistic content.

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